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Stretch films due to their stretching parameters are currently the most popular packaging materials. They effectively protect against damage and contamination, at the same time fixing a load on a pallet. They are produced in several thicknesses: 12, 15, 17, 20, 23, 30 microns, of a 500 mm width and the length on a roll ranging from 950 m to 2,500 m. The film is designated for customers having equipment for automatic or semi-automatic wrapping. Transparent one is a standard, but our current offer also includes black and white colour.


A range of machine stretch films application is very wide. Films are used for packing and securing products, starting with collective loads on pallets to individual items of both large and smaller size. Machine LDPE film is not intended for a direct contact with food.


Polyethylene film is obtained through casting by a CAST slot casting method. A material used for its production is low density polyethylene. Stretch films have a multilayer structure, resulting in adequate adhering, stretching and transparency parameters. Standard machine stretch films have a guaranteed stretch parameter up to 180 % and stretch power and super power films, due to improvers used (ebony, metallocene), can stretch even to 330%, when used on suitable wrapping machines. Optimum thickness and stretch settings selected quickly bring in economic results, as well as convenient and modern standard of work in a packaging process.
The stretch film should be stored in dry and well-ventilated rooms, as far away as possible from heating appliances. The storage and use temperature: from -5 °C to +30 °C. The stretch film should be protected against direct sunlight and humid conditions. Pallets with the film can be stacked, with maximum two pallets one on top of the other.


Physical and chemical properties of the film, its appearance as well as its width, thickness, length and tensile strength, are continuously monitored. Tests are performed in accordance with the standard PN-ISO 4592. They include tests such as Quality Test (guaranteed stretch), Ultimate Test (working stretch), Puncture Test (puncture point), Retention Test (retention point).

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