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Tapes of special stretching and strength parameters. They combine the significant strength with easiness of use. Used for packing of heavy loads, fastened with metal clasps. The standard offer includes tapes of 13, 16 and 19 mm width. Main advantages of polyester types include large flexibility, elasticity, constant tension during transport, possibility to tighten the tape when the load volume decreases, resistance to weather conditions. The tensile strength, depending on the tape type, is: 220 - 2000 kg. In terms of use and weave structure, the tape is classified as: Laminated (standard WG ) Woven Composite.


Strength parameters and resistance to aggressive external agents makes the polyester tape the leading packing material for railway, road and marine transport. Tapes of width exceeding 16 mm successfully secure a load weighting a few tonnes, of large or smaller size, regardless of the surface type and shape. They guarantee secure packing of machines or devices, wooden crates, metal or plastic containers.


Laminated WG tapes – Polyester tapes of longitudinally laminated fibres belong to older generation of polyesters types. Depending on the dimension, the strength ranges from 190 to 5000 kg. Polyester fibres are hot laminated during production and thus they better adhere to each other and the tape is more resistant to weather conditions.

Composite tapes – Structure of the composite polyester tape allows using it in places where laminated WG polyester types could not be used. Special polypropylene coating allows using it in places where the tape is exposed to wear or cutting. The tensile strength, depending on the tape type, ranges from 300 to 1600kg.

Woven tapes – is the most reliable. Warp, that is, transverse fibres, allows replacing composite tapes. The tensile strength, depending on the tape type, ranges from 170 to 5000 kg.

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