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They are used for manual and machine strapping of loads. The polypropylene tape is available in many types of width and strength, thus it can be widely used. 3 groups of PP tapes can be distinguished in relation to their size, strength and application: Light – 5-8mm, medium – 9-12mm heavy – 14-19mm. PP tapes can be sealed with manual devices, with wire, steel or PP clasps, as well as with more specialised ones, starting with manual vibration sealing machines to high capacity automatic and semi-automatic machines used mainly for packing packages or individual items.
Main advantages of PP tapes:
- very high tensile strength
- no rust traces on a load
- safe use
- PP tape resistance to external agents
- weight
- possibility of reuse.


High quality and wide range of products allows using our PP tapes in many market segments. So-called “light tapes” are used in printing houses, paper-mills, at post offices and in shops. “Medium tapes” are ideal for use with automated production lines or manual packing of individual pallets of weight up to 400 kg. The group of “heavy” tapes is characterised by their high tensile strength – up to 405 DNA. They are used, amongst the others, in saw mills, by producers of construction materials, in metal, paper and furniture industry.


The PP tape is designated for strapping and binding loads, in no case it can be used as a carrier element of a load. The resulting strength of bands (straps) for a given load must be at least twice as much as the load weight: (4 x 405 daN ) 1620 daN = 800kg pallet weight. PP tapes are wound on paper cores of various diameters, from 200 mm to 406 mm. To secure the tape against unwinding, a cardboard divider is put on both sides and it is strapped with the PP tape in three places. The PP tape, due to a way of its packing, must be stored in roofed rooms and protected against too much sunlight, frost and water. Standard colours are white, black, transparent and green. It is possible to produce tapes in other colours, provided the minimum quantity is taken into account. To improve product identification or provide information about a producer, it is possible to print one-colour design on the PP tape.

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