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Self-adhesive masking tapes – used mainly for painting and finishing works. Self-adhesive tapes protect smooth wooden, metal, plastic or glass surfaces during painting or other construction works and leave no traces after removal. They are available in a characteristic yellow colour. This tape can easily be torn by hand, there is no need to use blades or scissors, masking with this tape is quick and very effective. On a basis of using conditions and intended use, masking tape can be classified into two groups: general application and for varnishing.


Construction industry, paint shops, galvanising plants


The self-adhesive tape with a paper carrier, slightly creped, is designated for general use and has a limited resistance to high temperatures. The self-adhesive tape with a creped impregnated paper carrier and adhesive layer based on natural rubber is used in more aggressive conditions. The tape with special properties making possible to apply it on metal surfaces heated to 80°C; it can be easily removed leaving no traces of adhesive. The product may also be used for works related to interior decorating and for graphic designers to mark surfaces. Available in a yellow colour.

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