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One-side self-adhesive packing tapes BOPP belong to the most popular packing materials due to the versatility of application. They can be found practically in any industry. They are, first of all, the best way to seal folded carton boxes, but also are an excellent solution for packing individual items in larger packages, as well as for additional securing of pallets. There are three types of adhesive used in the Polish market: solvent (natural rubber), hot-melt (synthetic rubber) and acrylic. Tapes are available in various widths and lengths, depending whether we apply them by manual dispensers or semi-automatic or automatic sealing machines. Standard colours are: transparent, brown and white, however, the companies increasingly use a distinguishing feature, packing a product in a collective box sealing it with a tape of a colour assigned to a given assortment.


Each industry using collective corrugated cardboard boxes for packing products. Logistic companies, construction, food, furniture, advertising, automotive industries.


Good transparency of the carrier, good viscosity and adherence, resistance to chemicals are features characterising tapes sold by our company. Packing tapes on the PP film carrier with natural rubber based adhesive endure even aggressive packing and storage conditions. They can be used in low temperatures. Particularly well suited for sealing boxes of a large average weight and size. Hot-melt tapes also have a high sealing strength, but their quality is not suitable for all applications. Tapes based on acrylic adhesive are mainly used in households and offices. Both hot-melt and rubber are adhesives with which it is possible to use a chemical agent for so-called quiet unwinding of the tape. It is a significant advantage when there are many packing stations in one room.

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